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Arionum Pool is giving away 100 ARO every week to a lucky miner (details). Connect your miners to to start mining.
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Pool News
[12/07/2018] - Get detailed mining information like worker hashrates, current and historic shares, best DL nonce, pending and paid balances by clicking your wallet's address on the worker/miner stats page (here).
[9/21/2018] - September 24th we will be implementing a 1% pool fee (this fee will never increase further). To help offset some of the fee and to attract new miners, ArionumPool will reward a random miner with 100 ARO every Monday (beginning Monday, September 24th). Get more details about the giveaway, here.
[9/05/2018] - A page has been setup to check pool uptime and latency, here.
[8/26/2018] - Pool has been updated to display both CPU and GPU hash rates.
[8/16/2018] - Due to some miners (specifically the CPU/GPU miner by bogdanadnan) not supporting SSL, please point your miner to
[8/09/2018] - The pool has been updated to accommodate Arionum's new hardfork.
[8/07/2018] - Based on the poll we ran (to help determine the best reward structure), we've now updated the block reward to 100% historical shares (like PPLNS). For more information, please see our FAQ page.
[7/25/2018] - Click here (poll closed) to vote on what you think the best payout structure for should be. We appreciate the feedback.
[7/12/2018] - We're live! Thank you for mining with us.
[5/18/2018] - Finalizing pool testing/optimization.
[4/21/2018] - Invite only launch plus additional testing.
[3/30/2018] - Website redesign and ongoing pool testing.
[3/14/2018] - Initial pool testing.