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Frequently Asked Questions

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30% Block Finder: 30% of the block reward is paid to the miner/wallet that found the block.
70% Historical Shares: 70% is split amongst all miners (payout ranges based on how many shares you've submitted on average over the past six hours).
Please see the how to mine page for detailed guides.
It is likely you chose a worker name that is a duplicate. But don't worry, it is a visual bug and all shares submitted are credited to your address. Consider changing the worker's name to something a little more unique, it should show up under your wallet at that point.
There is a 1% pool fee.
Once you reach the 3 ARO minimum, you will be paid out on the 10th block. To see your total pending payments, find your wallet's address, here.
Donations are NOT necessary, but if you are still inclined to do so, please consider leaving me a note with your donation. I'd love to personally thank you.

ARO: s2o7NtAJKjjZtVDyUJG7xz3UcXFFen13NhALjxBRcs21XM3T9zNj38bUtfYWmMjCAdbAF5Q7c1dSKhbjEUpiyAm
LTC: MQjm4ETiHoSpNsD1Vda2mJuEy21yahL3Dw
ETH: 0x3eD3d699E142d016208087E9cF50FC89cC856366

The address is: ZZZmnLws96Tgq7WjKZuL78rASBYhRRmuAzNC1d8RNfiYAuex5oFdHsk3GXW4GXPA3wPvZaHM2FYLepamzqjm1ZB
** Note: Please do not send donations to this address. **
Windows wallet: here | Linux wallet: here
Feel free to email me at [email protected] or catch me on Discord @HashPi#1983.