How to mine Arionum |

How to mine Arionum

Below you will find general pool information and step-by-step instructions on how to mine on our pool. Simply find the OS you want to use and follow along.

Pool Information

Pool's mining address:
Pool fee: 1%
Check up on your worker(s), payout, and total hashrate here.


CPU/GPU Miner [Created by Bogdanadnan] ariominer --mode miner --pool --wallet <wallet address> --name <worker name> --cpu-intensity <intensity> --gpu-intensity-cblocks <intensity> --gpu-intensity-gblocks <intensity>

CPU/GPU Miner [Maintained by Cryptogone]

CPU Miner [Created by ProgrammerDan]
See our step-by-step setup guide -> Linux or Windows

CPU miner setup bash script

Tested on Ubuntu 16.04 64bit. Note: this install script is only utilizing your system's CPU (if you want to mine using your GPU, see above). It will however mine on both CPU and GPU blocks. wget chmod +x ./