How to mine Arionum on Linux |

Mine Arionum on Linux

For reference we will be using Ubuntu 16.04. This should work for Debian 7/8/9. Simply follow along below to start mining on your Linux system(s). For this guide we will be using Dan's Java Miner.

Auto Install (recommended)

Install Ubuntu 16.04 then login via SSH and execute the commands below. wget chmod +x ./ After executing ./, you will be prompted to enter your wallet's address. Give it two - five minutes to install. Your system should be mining in the background using all available cores, but don't worry, your system should be responsive enough to operate as the miner is set to the lowest priority (nice -19).

If you want to check up on the miner: screen -r And to tab back out of the miner: control + a, then d If you hit a snag or need additional help, please contact me.

Manual Install

If for some reason the above install script doesn't work, we've included the manual process.

Step 1:

sudo apt-get update

Step 2:

sudo apt-get install screen maven git openjdk-8-jdk build-essential -y

Step 3:

git clone git://

Step 4:

cd arionum-java/arionum-miner/

Step 5:

mvn clean package

Step 6:

sudo chmod +x

Step 7:


Step 8:

screen (press enter one more time, until you see a blank page with just the command line)

Running your miner in screen will allow you to close SSH without interrupting the miner.

Step 9:


Would you like to generate a config and save it to config.cfg? (y/N): Y
Choose type? (solo/pool): pool
Pool to connect to? (leave empty for
Wallet address to use to claim shares? enter your wallet address here
Simultaneous hashers to run? (you have 4 cores, leave blank for default of 4): enter the amount of cores you want the miner to use
Activate colors? (y/N): N
Worker name to report to node? (Each worker should have a unique name, leave empty for default: 1d88654148e7): press enter

Step 10:

You should be mining now, but in order to close SSH without closing the miner: control + a, then d And to log back into the miner: screen -r To check your stats, visit the workers/shares page and look for your wallet's address. (Give it 15 minutes for your miner to populate on the statistics page.)

Donations to ProgrammerDan

Dan's Java Miner doesn't take a mandentory dev fee when you use his miner, so if you'd like to donate to him, I'm sure he would appreciate it. He is good people. 4SxMLLWRCxoL42gqgf2C2x5T5Q1BJhgfQvMsfwrcFAu4owsBYncsvVnBBVqtxVrkqHVZ8nJGrcJB7yWnV92j5Rca