How to mine Arionum on Windows |

Mine Arionum on Windows

Mining Arionum (ARO) on a Windows system is pretty straight forward. Follow the steps below to start mining on your system(s).

Step 1:

Download the mining software here. We will be using the C++ miner by Cryptogone (although it does have a 0.5% dev fee) as I find it the easiest to get running. Note: if you intend on mining on a cloud platform, Linux (like Ubuntu) is going to net you more/higher hash rate. You can find our Linux mining guide, here.

Step 2:

Once you've downloaded the miner to your computer, extract it.

Choose a location you'd like to extract it to.

Step 3:

You're going to get a warning about an unrecognized app, click more info.

Step 4:

Click run anyway.

Step 5:

You will have three .exe files (ariocppminer, ariocppminer_avx, ariocppminer_avx2). If you know your CPU supports avx2, start with ariocppminer_avx2 (if you don't know what your CPU supports, visit CPU Boss and search for your processor under "features" near the bottom of the page. Look for AVX or AVX2, if none are listed, run ariocppminer).

Step 6:

Enter your wallet address (not your public key).

Step 7:

Enter pool URL:

Step 8:

Next prompt is asking how many cores you'd like to use to mine. ARO takes 512MB of RAM per core, so if you mine with 8 cores, you will use 4GB of RAM. Make sure you have it available (plus some overhead for the OS).

Step 9:

This next prompt is asking if you want to run the miner in "relax mode" effectively reducing the priority of the miner. I would highly suggest running this option if you intend to use the system while it mines (also leave yourself a core or two).

Step 10:

That's it - congratulations!

To check your stats, search for your wallet, here. If you have any questions/need help, click here.